Heated gloves manual

Lost your user manual? You can find all information relating to use of your electrical gloves here.

Instructions for first use

Charge the batteries fully (around four hours) before use. Remove the batteries while charging the gloves. Once the batteries have charged, plug the battery into the glove and place it in the designated pocket. Close the pockets so that the batteries cannot fall out.

When are the batteries charged?

There will be a slow flashing red light on the battery during charging. The light will light up continuously once the batteries are charged. The battery is now ready for use.

This is how the heat control works

  • Press the on/off button on the glove for min. three seconds to activate the battery. The red LED will light up.
  • After 30 seconds, you’ll feel your cold hands starting to warm up.
  • You can adjust the power setting by pressing the button once, twice or three times.
  • If you press and hold the button for three seconds again, the battery in the glove will be deactivated.

Life of the battery at different settings

  • Battery 7.4 V 2200: low setting: 6 hrs – medium setting: 4.5 hrs – highest setting 3 hrs
  • Battery 7.4 V 2600: low setting: 7 hrs – medium setting: 5 hrs – highest setting: 3.5 hrs

These times are averages and depend on external factors, such as the external temperature.

Precautions for use and maintenance

  • Disconnect the batteries immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.
  • Do not use if you are suffering health problems or if you are vulnerable (heart problems, pacemaker, etc.).
  • Do not leave batteries to charge unsupervised, do not charge for more than five hours.
  • Do not use any other batteries.
  • We recommend washing the gloves by hand in luke warm water (15-30°C) to preserve the service life of the electrical circuits. Remove the batteries before washing. Do not put in a dryer.
  • The battery can be charged and discharged around 400 cycles. In the event of a prolonged period out of use, we recommend charging the batteries every three months to preserve their service lives.
  • Do not store in a location where the temperature could fall below -20°C or rise above 60°C.
  • Stay away from fire and other sources of heat that could damage the batteries.
  • Do not use if the electrical elements (battery, circuit, heating system) are damaged.


Dispose of the batteries in the same way as normal batteries (recyclng centre, municipal collection point).

Download and print the instructions.