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Step by step: this is how a heated glove works

Have you never worn heated gloves before? Then you probably want to read all about how it works.

How does a heated glove work?


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Verified customerVerified customer

Great gloves for paragliding! They are beautifully made, goats leather is softcand luxurious. These gloves have high dexterity which means I can keep them on at launch and operate everything easily. So far no cold hands at altitude, despite the gloves being thinner than other heated gloves on offer. Very pleased and have recommended to others.

2 months ago
Julian Foulkes
Julian Foulkesgb
Verified customerVerified customer

A quality product, nicely made and comfortable. Working as expected.

3 months ago
Graham W.
Verified customerVerified customer

Warm and comfortable even with the heating turned off. When the heating is turned on, your whole hand is subtly warm with no hot or cold spots.

3 months ago

heated gloves touchscreen

Special touschreen fingertip

Very nice: gloves protect your fingers from the cold. But how annoying: you can’t operate your phone. Many of our electrical gloves have a special touchscreen coating on the tip of the thumb and index finger.

Touchscreen fingertip: here's how it works

Our product range

Are you looking for a solution to your cold hands once and for all? Then treat yourself to a pair of electrically heated gloves. For every activity you will find a suitable model in our collection. For example, choose a pair of thin gloves for in and around the house, a pair of heated ski gloves for on the slopes, heated cycling gloves for while mountain biking or treat yourself to a pair of heated work gloves for during your construction jobs in cold conditions. Most gloves are suitable for both women and men, with some models specifically indicating which target group the gloves are suitable for.

This is how to use our heated gloves

Our battery-operated gloves are designed to be extremely easy to use. You can place the battery in the pocket inside the cuff, then on the cuff is the control button.

There is only one control button on the glove. Press the button once and the first heat setting will be activated immediately. Press the button again for the highest heat setting, all bars will now light up. Press briefly one more time and the middle heat setting is activated. Now 2 dashes are lit. Press again and the gloves change to the lowest setting, which will make the batteries last the longest. Want to turn off the gloves? Then press the button again a little longer and you will see the lights go out, deactivating the heat system.

You can feel the gloves getting warm in thirty seconds. But for really warm hands, you have to be patient for 5 to 10 minutes. Reheat on the highest setting. Do you have warm hands after 5 to 10 minutes? Then move to a lower setting to keep your hands at temperature. This way, you avoid uncomfortable sweaty hands and ensure that the batteries last longer.

Can I pick everything up with my gloves?

Heat conductors are applied across the back of the hand and across the back of the fingers. Not on the inside. This way, you can pick up everything without having to worry. Even when if you pick up sharp objects, you won't damage the heat conductors. You can also grip wet objects or engage in wet environments without worry. The gloves offer excellent protection in rain and snow.

Why aren't the thermal conductors everywhere?

The thermal conductors are located only on the outside to ensure that the heat is released as efficiently as possible. As you can imagine, if a battery has to power a large heating system, it will consume more power and the battery will discharge faster. We have chosen to put the thermal conductors in strategic locations for more powerful heat and a longer battery life.


Our gloves have been designed to keep the cold out and to maximise heat insulation. They are designed to fit snugly on the wrist, eliminating any cold penetration. The materials have been selected for their performance in terms of moisture wicking, heat insulation, flexibility and windproofing. We offer the right thermal glove for every situation for warm fingers and hands on the ski slope, out cycling or while working.


Do you regularly suffer from ice-cold feet and hands? Wondering what the cause might be? Visit our always cold feet and always cold hands pages for everything that you need to know. You can read our tips on how to avoid cold hands and cold feet, plus learn more about the causes of cold and hands. Put an end to those ice cubes in bed and cold hands while cycling once and for all.

In every weather

Rain? No problem! Our heated gloves are made of a waterproof fabric; even the zip closure won’t let the water through. Your hands will stay dry and warm!
heated gloves waterproof

I’m so happy with these heated gloves. I have to cycle 10 km to school every day – I will never have cold hands again. I have recommended them to all of my friends as well!

Lynn Wright / Customer review

I was unsure about the size but HeatPerformance quickly helped me to make the right choice. What fantastic customer service! And the glove is nice too :)

Jack Johnson / Customer review

While riding my horse, I often suffer from cold fingers – regular gloves don't help enough for me. Thanks HeatPerformance for the great assistance and gloves!!! I have now also purchased some heated socks as well, I’m curious!

Amy Parkinson / Customer review

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