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Electrically heated products: in brief

Always cold? Even with thermal underwear? Or are you looking for a solution for your cold hands and feet and have already tried everything? Then we have some good news for you. Our thermal socks, gloves and clothing are equipped with a heater. How does that work? You can read all about it below. So even in the depths of winter, you can now stay warm!

Bye bye cold hands and cold feet, hello warm fingers and toes!

Handschoenen kennen we natuurlijk al lang. Maar verwarmde handschoenen? Veel mensen zijn er nog niet bekend mee; een thermische handschoen met een oplaadbare batterij die middels warmtegeleiders je handen en vingers heerlijk warm houdt. Een ideaal product voor mensen die vaak last hebben van koude handen of voor mensen die in koude omstandigheden werk of andere activiteiten verrichten.

Hoe werken verwarmde handschoenen?

Heel eenvoudig, je sluit de batterij aan op de handschoen en je drukt op de aan/uit knop. Binnen 30 seconden voel je de warmte je handen verwennen. De meeste verwarmbare handschoenen zijn voorzien van maar liefst 3 warmtestanden. De batterij is lekker klein, zodat hij niet in de weg zit. 

Ben je gek op de kleur of het dessin van jouw favoriete handschoenen maar bieden ze genoeg warmte op koude dagen? Draag dan onze HeatPerformance® THIN handschoenen eronder. 

De warmtegeleiders van onze handschoenen zitten op de rug van je hand en aan de bovenkant van de vingers, je kunt dus gerust alles vast pakken zonder dat je er bang voor hoeft te zijn dat je de handschoenen beschadigd. Meer weten? Lees hier dan alles over de werking van verwarmde handschoenen.

Mocht je handschoen onverhoopt toch kapot gaan? Wij geven je 12 maanden garantie. Op de batterijen zit 6 maanden garantie.

Bij welke activiteiten kun je verwarmde handschoenen gebruiken?


Bye bye cold feet! With our heated socks, you’ll have have lovely warm toes whenever, wherever. Not only outdoors, but how about on those cold days at home? You sit still for too long and once your feet get cold, getting warm is no longer possible. The solution is within reach. Invest in a pair of comfortable heated socks. And now? Grab a cup of tea, curl up on the sofa with a book, magazine or box set and forget all about it! 

How do you use heated socks?

Sometimes life is really simple, and so are our socks with heating.  Attach a battery to each sock and press the on/off switch. Within 30 seconds, the thermal conductors will generate around 50℃ of heat thanks to the powerful battery and ingenious chip. How long will the battery last? That depends on the setting you use and the type of socks you have purchased. Expect between 3 and 10 hours. For the exact performance for each model, take a look at the extensive product description that you can find with each item. 

Our thermal socks simply fit inside your shoes. Not in your narrowest model, but certainly in your nice walking shoes. 

They’re also easy to wash. We recommend handwashing, then you can be certain that they won’t get damaged. 

For which activities can you use heated socks?

Heated socks can come in handy just about anywhere. Whatever activity you undertake – indoors or outdoors. Heated cycling socks, heated ski socks or socks with heating for the woods or on a bike ride… Warm feet always come in handy!

The rechargeable insoles from HeatPerformance® are easy to use. Depending on the shoe (ski boot, regular shoe, winter boot, horseriding shoe) that you want to wear, choose the rechargeable insole CLASSIC or heated insole with remote control PRO.

How do you use heated insoles?

First, cut the sole to size if it does not fit completely. It is best to remove your own sole from your shoe and follow that size. After each use, remove the rechargeable sole from your shoe to let it air out. Want to clean it? Use warm water and a brush. Do not submerge it completely in the water to protect the thermal heating elements. 

For which activities can you use heated insoles?

  • Indoors or outdoors. It is ideal for all activities in which you find you your feet getting cold quickly: cycling, fishing, golfing, on your scooter, while skiing. 
  • Also great for your slippers or if you have to sit still for lengthy periods at your desk. 
  • Suffer from poor blood circulation? Our thermal insoles are the solution. 

Heated gloves

Heated gloves

Often suffer from cold hands ? Then regular thermal gloves are often not enough to keep your hands warm. We have developed gloves that, thanks to a unique material mix of leather, milk silk, cotton, polyester and nylon, keep out the cold and retain the heat well. To achieve maximum performance, we have developed an ingenious heating system that keeps even the most cold of hands warm.

The thermal conductors are so smooth and thin that you won’t feel them when you wear them. You can move your hands freely during sports, plus our gloves offer sufficient grip so as not to limit you in your outdoor activities.

We have developed a suitable model for each activity. Discover our heated cycling gloves, heated motorcycling gloves or heated ski gloves.

I want warm hands too! Tips for cold hands

Heated socks

Heated socks

We already know heated insoles and ski boots. But heated socks? Chances are you’ve never heard of them. The big advantage of heated socks over heated insoles is not only the thickness, but also the fact that the heat system can be applied around the entire foot.

We have developed a range of socks with different thicknesses, our thin heated sock can even fit into your regular everyday shoes. You will find also heated ski socks in our range. No more cold toes!

Are cold feet caused by stress? Or low blood pressure? If you want answers to these questions, check our tips below, you will not only find useful advice about warming your feet, but you will also discover more about the cause.

I want warm feet too! Tips for cold feet


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4 weeks ago
Verified customerVerified customer

werken prima! wel een beetje duur

2 months ago
Verified customerVerified customer

I always have very cold hands, sometimes a fingertip will turn completely white. I went skiing last year and I bought reusch extra warm gloves. Unfortunately at - 12 degrees Celsius and with a high speed, my finger tips were frozen. Very cold and very painful.

This year I bought the all leather titan heated gloves and I am absolutely in love! I put them on the lowest stand which doesn't really give heat, but it breaks the cold enough so that my fingers stay warm and I can enjoy them for the whole day. The second stand does give you a warmer feeling, but the battery won't last a whole day of skiing. But I did use the warmer stand sometimes to get started 😊.

I gave my other gloves to my husband, who said they were very warm. So it wasn't a problem of the glove, but really my fingers that don't have the ability to keep the cold out.

Very happy I found these gloves and as you can see, I waited to try them out to give a full report.

I have size 8,5 in men's gloves (although I am female) and I ordered a large. The leather in the beginning is a bit stiff, but now they are really soft and it's easy to bend your fingers. You can charge both batteries at the same time, but keep in mind it takes a long time to fully charge.


2 months ago