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heated jackets | Question & Answer

In our collection you will find heated jackets for both women and men. The model of the women's jackets is more fitted for a feminine silhouette. Both women's heated jackets and men's heated jackets are available in black and dark blue.

Our electrically heated jackets have strategically positioned heat zones on the upper back and at chest level. The soothing heat will relax your muscles and keep you comfortable throughout.

What are the warmest heated coats?

We get this question regularly from our customers. In fact, the heat system provides the same heat; any warmer would become unpleasant. But how much heat you experience depends on 2 factors. First, the jacket's insulation. The better insulated, the more heat the jacket can hold. Second, the number of layers you wear under the jacket. The closer the heated jacket is worn to your skin, the more warmth you will experience.

How does a heated jacket work?

A heated jacket works very simply. In your inside pocket is a power wire to which you connect the battery. Next, the on-off snap is located at chest level. Press and hold this button for several seconds and the heat system will turn on at the highest setting. If you then press again, the system switches to the middle position. Finally, if you want to choose the lowest setting, press the button again briefly. To turn the jacket off, press and hold the button again for several seconds. How do you know if your heated jacket works immediately? You can tell by the lighted on-off button. Red is the highest setting, turquoise is the middle setting and blue is the lowest setting. After a minute you start to really feel the heat, after a maximum of 10 minutes the jacket is fully warmed up and you can switch it back to a lower heat setting.

Is it healthy to wear a heated jacket?

It is very healthy to wear a heated jacket. People with rheumatism and arthritis or those who just get cold easily benefit greatly from wearing a heated jacket. The heat allows the muscles to relax. Blood circulation is stimulated and you are less likely to experience muscle stiffness.

How long does a heated jacket stay warm?

How long a heated jacket lasts has to do with three factors:

  • the battery or battery pack you are using.
  • which heat setting you use
  • the ambient temperature

Our heated jackets last from 2.5 to 8 hours. The included battery is fully recharged in 4 hours. Purchase an extra battery for travel if necessary and you'll stay warm all day.

What is the best brand for heated jackets?

HeatPerformance® has done a lot of research on heated jackets and delivers excellent value for money. We are also very pleased with the Volt heated jackets. Ultimately, the answer to the question of which heated jacket is the best is a personal choice.

Can a heated jacket get wet?

There is no problem walking outside in light rain with a heated jacket. The jacket is splash-proof. However, if you want to use the jacket in the rain, we recommend wearing a raincoat over it. By the way, there is no harm in letting a heated jacket get wet. It is not dangerous and the heat system will still continue to work.

The heated jacket may also be machine washed. When doing so, do choose the hand wash setting. And while doing so, do not forget to close the power cable with the cover cap and close the zipper of the bag. Do not put the coat in the dryer but hang it to dry the old-fashioned way on a drying rack.

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