Heated thermal pullover – navy blue | Volt


This sporty pullover from the American brand Volt will keep you comfortably warm even at the lowest temperatures . You can wear it as a jacket but also as an insulating intermediate layer at temperatures below 0. The patented Zero Layer® heating system provides unparalleled heat output and a superior heat experience , allowing you to relax and focus on all your outdoor activities.

  • Includes powerful 6000 mAh rechargeable USB battery.
  • Keeps you warm during all your outdoor activities; winter sports, hiking, fishing, golf, camping, horseback riding.
  • Also lovely in and around the house during bleak, chilly days. Or for when you have to sit at your desk for lengthy periods of time.
  • Also ideal for people who work in cold conditions and for those who suffer from stiff muscles and joints.
Heated thermal pullover – navy blue | Volt
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