our products keep you warm – here’s how they work

HeatPerformance® products are high-quality products. From an ingenious chip to a high-performance battery, from a comfortable fit to maximum usability. Discover the secret behind our products:

Let it get nice and cold!

Smart, smarter, smartest

HeatPerformance® app

Development of the technology continues apace, products are becoming increasingly smart. HeatPerformance® has dived into the technical world of smart, smarter, smartest and small, smaller, smallest. The result?

Smart chips that control up to three heat settings and regulate energy with super efficiency. The finest, thinnest thermal conductors that you cannot feel when worn. Compact batteries that never get in the way and give up to ten hours of heat. 

Our products are extremely easy to use and easy to operate with one press of a button. Some products have a remote control or can be controlled with a smartphone app.

HeatPerformance® chip