Kvinna värmer sina kalla händer över en kopp varmt te

How does a heated glove work?

For the cold-hearted among us, heated gloves are a godsend. They keep your hands comfortably warm at the touch of a button. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Wonderful, those heated gloves, but how do they actually work?

Kvinna värmer sina kalla händer över en kopp varmt te
Kvinna värmer sina kalla händer över en kopp varmt te

Operation of heated gloves

The controls

A heated glove has a built-in heat system and is easily controlled with an on/off button. It is usually located on the back of the glove or in the cuff. You hold down this button for a few seconds, and then the heat system immediately turns on to the highest setting. Your cold hands are completely warmed up in 5 minutes.


The cuff has a special pocket to store the rechargeable battery. This pocket simultaneously contains the power wire of the heat system, to which you can connect the battery.

Because the battery is hidden in the cuff, you don’t feel it while wearing it. So you feel like you have a regular glove on.
The batteries are antifreeze so they are also suitable for extremely cold conditions.

Heat System

The heat system consists of thin heat conductors. These are made of copper and carbon. Carbon consists of extremely thin fibers of carbon. It is enormously flexible and at the same time enormously strong.

These heat conductors run down the back of the glove and across the back of each finger. All the way to the fingertip. You can also choose a glove where the palm is also equipped with a heat system.

How long do heated gloves work?

You can expect to enjoy an average of 5 hours of warm hands with charged gloves. How long your glove provides heat has to do with the following factors:

  • The thickness of the glove. The thicker the glove, the better it will insulate heat. A thin glove gives your finger plenty of room to move, making it ideal during sports. In the same cold conditions, of course, a thin glove empties faster than a thick one.
  • Ambient temperature. The colder it is outside, the more energy the battery has to provide to keep the gloves at temperature.
  • Battery. A battery with more power will naturally last longer than one with less power. Our batteries are small but enormously powerful at the same time. By default, our gloves come with a 7.4 V – 2600 mAh battery.

Roughly speaking, heated gloves provide 2 to 9 hours of warm hands. That’s quite a big difference. If you wear our thickest glove and use the lowest heat setting you will have warm hands for at least 9 hours. But if you use our thinnest glove and turn on the highest setting, the battery will run down after only 2 hours. Of course, an extra set of batteries on the go is always an option.

And nice to know: The batteries recharge after 4 hours with the included charger.

Number of heat settings

HeatPerformance® heated gloves have 3 settings. The highest setting is designed to heat up the glove quickly. Ideal if you have really cold fingers that no longer warm up on their own. You’ll find that after 5 to 10 minutes you really want to switch to a lower setting, because otherwise your hands will get too hot.

The middle and lowest settings are for keeping your hands at temperature. If you have chosen a glove with a lot of insulation, then the lowest setting is a good choice. That way, your batteries will also last longer. If you have chosen a thin glove, it is nice to activate the middle setting. Of course, it also makes a difference whether you wear the gloves on a freezing winter day or on a sunny autumn walk.

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