Heated jacket Volt Heat RADIANT – black


Tough jacket from the American brand Volt Heat. This heated jacket has been given the name RADIANT because the radiated heat penetrates deep into the core of your upper body. Are you going on a day trip? Set it to the highest setting in the fresh morning and when the sun shows itself more, choose the lowest setting or turn it off completely. With this jacket you can now enjoy every day carefree, wherever you are, whatever you do and whatever the weather conditions are.

The patented Zero Layer® heating system provides unparalleled heat output and a superior heat experience , allowing you to relax and focus on all your outdoor activities.

  • Includes powerful VB5TEN 10000 mAh rechargeable USB battery.
  • Keeps you warm during all your outdoor activities; winter sports, hiking, fishing, golf, camping, horseback riding.
  • Also ideal for people who work in cold conditions and for those who suffer from stiff muscles and joints.
Heated jacket Volt Heat RADIANT – black
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