What are the best heated gloves?

We are asked this question a lot. The best answer to that: that is different for everyone. What the best heated gloves are for you depends mainly on the activity you will use them for. Do you go skiing or mountain biking, are they for indoors or for chores around the house? We have a suitable heated glove in our range for every activity. We can, however, answer the question of which glove provides the most warmth.

These gloves provide the most warmth

The warmest heated gloves in our range are the XTREME dual heating heated gloves. Why? Because these gloves feature heat conductors that run not only across the back of the hand but also across the palm. On 2 sides, your hands are wonderfully warmed and kept warm. This glove is the best choice for the true cold weather enthusiast. When your fingers just don’t want to get warm and as soon as you step outside already turn into ice nuggets.

…Only our Xtreme gloves are heated on both sides….

You can also use the XTREME gloves for multiple types of activities. For example, for warm hands on your bike or while walking your dog. Or during a long beach or forest walk. They are also suitable as ski gloves during winter sports. With our XTREME model, you get a versatile glove.

The best heated gloves besides a thermometer
Dual heating heated gloves

Why is the HeatPerformance® EXTREME model our warmest heated glove?

Only our HeatPerformance® EXTREME gloves are equipped with a dual heating system. So this glove has not one but two heat zones. The heat conductors run not only across the back of your hand and the back of each finger but also across the inside of your palm and at the bottom of each finger. Now you will think, then these gloves will also be empty faster. This is partly true because the more heat the gloves have to give off, the more energy is required from the battery. To also ensure a long heat release time, these gloves come standard with a powerful 3000 mAh battery. Of course, it is always possible to purchase an extra set of batteries for travel.

  • Dual Heating System
  • Powerful 3000 mAh batteries
  • Optimal insulating properties
  • Durable goat leather to optimally retain heat

In addition, these gloves feature supple and durable goat leather on the inside. Leather also has the property of retaining heat well and keeping wind and moisture out.

Finally, these gloves feature an additional insulated layer and an impregnated softshell. In short, this glove delivers top performance and keeps your hands warm in long-lasting, comfortable comfort.

Of course, these gloves have other positive features. For example, the index fingers and thumb have touchscreen fingertips. The heat zones are independently controllable and finally, this glove has 3 heat settings. Use the highest setting to warm your hands and then switch to the medium or lowest setting so that your hands do not get uncomfortably hot.

Fingertips with touchscreen guides

Both the thumb and the index finger are equipped with touchscreen guides at the fingertip. Take a phone call? Your gloves can stay on nicely.

Having doubts? Use our comparison table

Unsure which gloves are best for you? You can very easily add the gloves between which you have doubts to a comparison table. Then in one overview you will see information about the heat class, heat duration, the activity you can use the gloves for, etc. Near the product description of each glove, you’ll come across the “add to comparison table” button.

Not getting there and in doubt about which heated gloves are best for you? Then feel free to send us an email, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Check out our new dual heating heated gloves:

Heated gloves HeatPerformance® XTREME | dual heating


This HeatPerformance® XTREME model are the warmest gloves in our range. These high-quality heated gloves deliver unsurpassed warmth, thanks to the large area of heat zones. Truly the entire glove is heated.

  • Equipped with dual heat zones: the heat conductors are located on both the top and bottom of your hand. So it warms your whole hand, how nice is that!
  • The heat zones can be operated independently of each other.
  • High-quality materials: supple leather and durable sofshell.

So you never want to suffer from cold hands again? And do you really want to enjoy all your outdoor activities in comfort? Then you’re in the right place with these powerful dual heating gloves.

Having doubts? Add to comparison

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