Tips for hiking in cold weather

When the sun shines we step outside happily and much of our lives take place outdoors. But when the weather turns and it’s cold and dark outside, it’s not always easy to go outside anyway. Do, because being active outside offers tremendous health benefits. It makes you fitter, strengthens your immune system, lowers your stress level and provides you with extra Vitamin D. With these tips, it will be a lot easier to put on those walking shoes even in cold weather.

Hiking in cold weather? That's how you keep it warm!

Tip #1

Once you are cold it is hard to get warm again. Even during an intense walk, where your heart rate goes up, you may just not get warm when it’s cold outside.

If you are really cold inside, go do some household chores inside first, for example, that will warm you up quickly. Do you have cold feet? Then warm your feet in a foot bath. Cold hands can be briefly warmed under a hot tap or warmed up to a hot cup of tea.

Tip 2
dress in layers

Instead of 1 thick wool sweater, it is better to put on several thin layers. In fact, the very space between these layers acts as an insulation layer. And also very convenient, if you start sweating while hiking there is room for the moisture to evaporate in.

Avoid cotton and opt for synthetic fabrics and wool. For example, wear synthetic thermal clothing as a first layer. Over that, a thin wool sweater. And over that a fleece vest. Finally, a nice thick winter coat made of softshell. If it’s raining hard outside, you’d rather choose a hardshell jacket or wear a raincoat over your regular jacket. Moisture is fatal to a warm body.

Tip 3

Wear heated clothing. Logically, we give you this tip. Our website is full of heated gloves, socks and clothing. Still, some quick tips for a long walk. Choose our thin HeatPerformance® THIN or ULTRA THIN socks. These socks ensure that there is still enough room left in your shoes for moisture to drain into them. If you choose thicker socks you are likely to end up with shoes that are too tight. Footwear that is too tight not only leaves no room for sweat to drain into, but can also cause you to pinch your blood vessels. And then the blood flow is even more difficult to get going.

For warm hands, wear heated undergloves under your own gloves or opt for heated hiking gloves, such as the HeatPerformance® NATURE gloves. Learn more here: How do heated gloves work?

Tip 4

Did you know that much of the heat is lost through your head? So don’t forget your synthetic or wool cap. Preferably one that you can pull comfortably over your ears. If it’s freezing outside, you can rub your face with petroleum jelly. This prevents your skin from freezing and optimizes the moisture in your skin. Spread a layer of Labello on your lips against drying out. And wear a thick scarf or roll neck to keep your neck and neck warm.

Tip 5
while hiking

Bring something to drink along the way or rest somewhere for a warm cup of tea. It is important to drink enough water to keep body processes going well. Drinking too little water can make you feel cold faster. A snack on the go is also a good idea, such as an oatmeal bar or a banana.

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