cold hands

Always feel like you need to turn the heating up? Are your hands cold after just an hour at your desk? Do you prefer to clasp your hands around a cup of tea to warm them up? You’re not alone. Studies suggest that 31% of women and between six and seven per cent of men regularly suffer from cold hands. 

You’ll be wanting to know how to put an end to this as quickly as possible. But first, let’s talk a little more about the causes and symptoms. Who knows, you may be suffering from an underlying condition and – after all – prevention is better than cure!

What causes cold hands?

Cold hands or cold feet, it all has to do with poor circulation. This reduced blood supply may be due to a vascular, rheumatic or thyroid disorder, to an autoimmune disease or to Raynaud’s Disease. In most cases, however, it’s nothing, and you’re just suffering from poor circulation because it’s cold. 

When it’s cold, your body’s first response is to protect your vital organs, such as your heart and lungs, and endeavour to keep them warm. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of the blood flow to the rest of your body and you’ll notice it first at the extremities, i.e. your toes and fingers. 

Why do I always get cold so quickly?

We just explained how blood flow plays a vital role. If your blood is being pumped around your body properly, you won’t suffer from cold fingers. But why does one person have a less efficient circulatory system and another a good circulatory system? To begin with, it has to do with being male or female. Women are much more likely to be cold.

Why men and women always argue about the setting of the thermostat? There is an important evolutionary reason for this. Women are programmed to experience cold differently and THIS is why.

Research suggest that the ideal working temperature for women is between 24 and 25 degrees while for men, it’s between 21.5 and 22.5 degrees. This is due to differences in hormones and build. What to know more about it? Check out the tabs below. They will explain some other possible reasons that could explain why you suffer from cold hands.

Causes of cold hands


estrogen level womanTo begin with, men’s and women’s hormones differ. The hormone estrogen makes capillaries more sensitive to temperature. So during the menstrual cycle, a woman is more likely to experience cold hands at certain times. Menopause is not something that women generally look forward to, but there is a minor upside – the body produces around 60% less estrogen after the menopause, which means that women will then be less bothered by the cold.


muscles man versus womanMuscles are the ultimate internal heaters. Muscles burn fats and sugars and release heat in the process. The more muscle → the more fats and sugars are burned → the more heat. Men are generally at an advantage here, as they naturally have more muscle mass than women.

What about your fat percentage? You could say that fat insulates and therefore you are less likely to be cold. This is partly true – a thin layer of fat certainly helps to retain body heat. However, fat does not generate heat, so the key is still to increase muscle mass. What’s more, you don’t need extra fat for warm hands – there’s no fat in your fingers anyway.


moving in the gymYour body is made to move. These days, we sit still more often and for longer – working at the computer, relaxing with a tablet, phone or in front of the television. In your spare time you might like to read a book or laze around on those lovely summer days. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but it doesn’t benefit your circulation.

Perhaps you’re moving less and you haven’t noticed it? If so, an hour or two at the gym won’t help.

It is important to exercise as much as possible throughout the day. Try to cycle to work if you can, get up from your desk and take a walk, even if it’s just to the kettle, use the stairs instead of the lift, make it a routine to take a short walk during your lunch break or after dinner.


woman with lack of sleepYour body cools down when it’s time to sleep. Do you sleep too little and feel excessively tired? If so, you will often be cold. Why do you cool down when you’re tired?

That’s a little trick caused by your body. Your body then tells you to find a warm place to get some rest. That warm place is important because when you’re asleep, the heat from inside your body attempts to find a way out. The heat goes through your skin. As such, the blood flow in your skin increases significantly while sleeping. If you were to sleep in a cold environment, your body might cool down too much. Sleeping under a warm blanket in a cool environment with fresh air is the best approach.

Are you a poor sleeper? Check out the tips below on how to improve your sleep, rest your body and have warm hands.

  • It is impossible to fall asleep comfortably with cold hands and feet, so take a warm bath before bed, take a hot water bottle to bed with you or use electrical socks or an electrical blanket   
  • Take a magnesium tablettwo hours before going to bed – during times of stress and higher body strain, you can derive a lot of benefit from doing this.
  • Take frequent short breaksthroughout the day.
  • Use a fine, soft sleeping mask. Not only does this help to block out the light, but some gentle pressure on your eyes is pleasant.
  • Use earplugs, such as fine soft wax balls.
  • Do you and your partner sleep in the same bed? Use separate duvetsso that you don’t wake one another up when turning over.
  • Before going to sleep, read a relaxing bookand fantasise about how the story will unfold as you fall asleep. You’ll drop off in no time at all.
  • Do some relaxation exercisesbefore bed – your body will feel calmer once you have stretched your muscles out a little.
  • Listen to a meditationor put on some soothing bedtime music. All can be found on Youtube.

sleeping tips


Raynaud's DiseaseA typical feature of Raynaud’s Phenomenon is cold hands and feet. The sudden contraction of your blood vessels (provoked by cold, stress or certain emotions) will reduce the blood flow in your body.

Your hands and feet are at the very ends of the circulatory system, so your body has the most difficulty getting the blood all the way to your fingers and toes.  

With Raynaud’s Disease, your fingers and toes will firstly turn white, then blue, then purple or red. You can take the Raynaud’s self-test to check if you may have this condition.


thyroidThe most common symptoms of a slow-acting thyroid are blood pressure problems. Reduced blood circulation means that you will quickly suffer from cold hands. The cause can be hereditary, but stress, a crash diet or a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals can also play a role.

Do you suffer from brittle nails, dry skin, (mild) bouts of depression, joint pain, difficulty getting a good night’s sleep and an inability to think and act quickly? Then it is important to give your doctor a ring.


food with ironIron helps in the production of haemoglobin, which is a substance that in turn triggers the production of red blood cells. And yes, red blood cells are important, because they transport oxygen in the blood. A deficiency can lead to a variety of symptoms. The main symptom is fatigue, but you may also look pale, suffer from shortness of breath, heart palpitations and cold hands and feet.

One in five women who menstruate suffers from anaemia. Pay close attention to your nutrition. Iron is mainly found in meat and fish, so it is additionally important that vegetarians and vegans watch their iron intake. Eat plenty of legumes, nuts, apple syrup and vegetables like spinach, kale, beets, asparagus, broccoli and rocket. Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron while calcium inhibits the absorption of iron, so a piece of fruit with your meal is a good idea!



Vitamin B12 also helps in the creation of red blood cells. A B12 deficiency can cause all manner of unpleasant symptoms, such as general fatigue, problems with balance, concentration disorders, tingling and sometimes cold hands and feet.

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in products of animal origin, including meat and fish but also eggs and milk. B12 can also be found in dried seaweed and algae, but this variety is not easily absorbed by the body.

For vegetarians and vegans, taking additional B12 is a must.

The solution to cold hands

We sympathise – there’s no fun in having cold hands. That’s why we’ve listed the very best solutions and tips for you. Are you ready? Here they come:

The five best tips for warm hands

1. Move!

Not everything that sounds simple is simple, but in this case it is. Your body is made to move and every movement counts. Are you required to sit at your desk for lengthy periods of time? Get up regularly and take a walk or do some exercises, which are also good for clearing your head.

2. Work on your muscle mass

And if you do start moving more, remember that exercising your muscles kills two birds with one stone: not only will you be warmer in the moment, but the more muscle mass you have, the more combustion (and thus heat) there will be in your body, even at rest.

3. Invest in a pair of electrical gloves

Most tips for warm hands don’t work in the short term. But this one does. For instantly warm hands, invest in a fine pair of heated gloves. Press the button and, within 30 seconds, you’ll feel wonderful, soothing heat. Want to know more? Then read on!

4. Take a good look at your nutrition

Make sure that your diet contains enough iron and B12. These substances ensure the production of red blood cells and are extremely important for oxygen transport in your blood. And ultimately for warm hands.

5. Sleep, sleep, zzz….

A rested body is warmer, so… crawl under the duvet extra early tonight with a pair of thick (heated) socks – a good night’s sleep works wonders! Want to know more? Read all about the relationship between being cold and tired in this blog article.

Electrical gloves

Never heard of it? That may be because this product is quite new to the market. Improved engineering methods now make it possible to incorporate very flexible, thin thermal conductors into gloves that provide powerful heat with the thinnest possible battery.

They are wonderfully comfortable and very easy to use. Press the button and within 30 seconds, the glove will be warm. The thermal conductors are located above each finger and on the back of the hand.

This means that you can pick up everything with the gloves, without having to worry about breaking anything.

Are heated gloves only for skiers? No, most definitely not. Our range includes special thin gloves that are ideal for in and around the home. You can wear them while watching your favourite box set, for example, while cleaning or while walking. These thin gloves can also be used as undergloves under your own gloves.

Heated indoor gloves HeatPerformance® INDOOR

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Ultra thin HeatPerformance® gloves for indoor use, in a comfortable soft and elastic fabric.

  • How nice: relaxing with warm hands during an evening on the couch.
  • Or wear them during your well-earned break, which you will now take outdoors. In the garden or on your balcony, you can enjoy the spring or autumn sunshine without getting your hands cold.
  • You can also use these thin gloves as heated undergloves under your own gloves .
  • The thin fabric allows your fingers to move easily and does not restrict you.
  • Because the heat conductors are on the outside, you can use these gloves to grip and lift anything without having to worry about damaging the glove.

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HeatPerformance® THIN heated undergloves

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Versatile HeatPerformance® undergloves in a comfortably soft and flexible material.

  • Use these heated undergloves under your own ski or motorcycling gloves.
  • Not cold enough outside for thick, lined gloves? Wear them as a regular thin glove.
  • Can also be used in and around the home, such as by people with Raynaud’s Disease.
  • The thin fabric allows your fingers to move easily, the addition of elastane does not restrict any of your movements.

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HeatPerformance® ALLROUND heated cycling gloves


On your bicycle in the autumn, mountain biking or cycle racing in the winter, getting a breath of fresh air in the spring but just a little too cold? You want want to wear thick gloves. Which is why we have designed these versatile, flexible gloves with nice grip and a thin battery. Press the button and within 30 seconds, you’ll feel the heat spread around your fingers and the back of the hand, up to 65ºC on the highest setting.

  • Made with a mixture of TPU and neoprene; ideal protection against the cold, wind and moisture.
  • Wear them under your own winter gloves in the freezing cold of winter.
  • Also nice: the top of the thumb and index finger are finished with a conductive touchscreen fabric so you can continue to use your smartphone with your gloves on!

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We have developed thicker gloves for cyclists, people on scooters, mountain bikers, golfers, horse riders, hikers and fishermen.

HeatPerformance® NATURE cognac heated gloves


Luxury HeatPerformance® gloves in a cool cognac colour. These heated gloves will not only give you wonderfully warm hands, but plenty of grip, freedom of movement and a beautiful accessory to complement your outfit. After all, the eye wants something too! : )

  • In beautiful smooth and durable goat leather.
  • Just one press of a button and within 30 seconds, you’ll enjoy pleasant heat around your fingers and the back of the hand, up to 65ºC on the lowest setting.
  • The perfect glove for a winter stroll along the beach or in the woods and the ideal riding glove.

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And for the most extreme weather conditions and motorcyclists, we have our HeatPerformance PRO gloves, the very thickest glove that will keep you warm even down to -25 degrees.

Want to know more about our heated gloves? On this page you will find an overview chart of the features per glove: features of our heated gloves.