Heated soles manual

Lost your user manual? You will find all information relating to use of your heated insoles here.

Instructions for first use

Charge the soles fully before use. Cut the soles to size (see dotted lines on the soles) or better, follow the contours of your own soles. Do not cut under the minimum dimension line, otherwise you will damage the thermal conductors (see sizes).

How the soles work

  1. Press the black button on the back of the sole and next to the charging contact for two to three seconds to activate the sole.
  2. Press the ON button on the remote control, the indicator light on the remote control will light up once, while the three LEDs on each sole will light up for three seconds. The soles will start to heat up.
  3. Press the + and – buttons to regulate the temperature:
    – 1 LED on: minimum temperature (approx. 40°C)
    – 2 LEDs on: average temperature (approx. 45°C)
    – 3 LEDs on: maximum temperature (approx. 55°C)
  4. Press the OFF button on the remote control, the indicator light will light up once and the heating will be switched off.
  5. You can stop and restart the heating system from the remote control without having to touch the sole plate (standby).
  6. Remember to switch the insoles off after use by pressing the black button on the back of the sole and next to the charging contact for two to three seconds. Note: check that the soles are off by verifying with the remote control (the sole LEDS are off = the soles are off).

Pairing instructions for remote control

The remote control is usually paired to your soles. If it isn’t, you will need to pair (connect) the soles and the remote control by pressing the ON/OFF button on the back of each sole eight times in quick succession – all LEDs will start to flash. Within two to three seconds, press the ON button on the remote control, pairing is complete and all LEDs will flash for a few seconds.

Battery and usage duration

The insoles have a 3.7 V – 1800 mAh internal battery.

The usage duration is as follows, and is partly dependent on external factors, such as the external temperature:

  • 40°C = 8.5 hrs
  • 45°C = 6.0 hrs
  • 55°C = 4.0 hrs

These times are averages and depend on external factors, such as the external temperature.

Precautions for use and maintenance:

  • We recommend removing the soles after each use to dry them. Dry the soles fully in the event of unintended submersion. The lining on the top of the sole can be washed by hand with a brush – tilt the sole downwards so that the circuits in the heel do not get wet.
  • Do not switch the heating on while charging to protect the circuits.
  • Do not use if you are suffering health problems or if you are vulnerable (heart problems, pacemaker, etc.).
  • Do not allow the soles to charge without supervision, do not charge for more than five hours.
  • Do not use chargers other than those supplied.
  • One battery can be charged and discharged 400 cycles.
  • In the event of a prolonged period out of use, we recommend charging the batteries every three months to preserve their service lives. Do not store in a location where the temperature could fall below -20°C or rise above 60°C.
  • Stay away from fire and other sources of heat that could damage the batteries.
  • Do not use if the electrical elements (battery, circuit, heating system) are damaged.


Dispose of the batteries in the same way as normal batteries (recyclng centre, municipal collection point).

Download and print the instructions