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The winter sale on our gloves has started again. And that means a 20% discount on all heated gloves . Use the discount code SALE2024 at checkout, the discount will then be automatically deducted.

Kvinna värmer sina kalla händer över en kopp varmt te

Tips for cold hands

About 10% of people have the misfortune to suffer from cold hands and feet extremely quickly. As soon as the mercury drops below 17 degrees, they get purple fingers and blue toes. Do you suffer from this as well? If so, chances are you have Raynaud’s phenomenon.

There is also a large group of people who – regardless of a condition – just get cold hands easily. A large Swiss study showed that women in particular suffer greatly from this ailment; over 30%.

No matter how it comes about, cold hands are an annoying ailment. Quick tips for warm hands include: drink lots of water in a day, get moving, watch your diet and get enough sleep. And besides…heated gloves are the ultimate solution for any cold weather sufferer. Want to learn more about the causes of cold hands, why it is that women are more likely to suffer from this ailment and what solutions, vitamins and lifestyles work best? Then for all the tips, check out our information page Cold Hands.

What will you use your heated gloves for?

  • For in the house, because during long periods of sitting still your hands quickly turn into ice nuggets?
  • For warm hands during your winter sports vacation?
  • For cycling when it’s cold. And especially when it’s raining, with the moisture and wind chilling your hands even faster.
  • For while hiking, walking the dog or a long walk in the woods.
  • For long trips in the car. Sitting still for a long time can cause your hands to cool down quickly.
  • For while horseback riding, rides on your scooter or on your e-bike where you catch extra wind.
  • Or maybe you know someone who often suffers from cold hands? This winter sale is the time to treat someone to a wonderful gift.

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