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Heated gloves for motorcycle and scooter; which one do you choose?

Even though the days are getting cooler again, of course you still want to keep getting on your motorcycle or scooter. And preferably stay a little warm, too. Your hands are the first part of your body to get cold when riding your motorcycle or scooter.

On really cold days, ordinary gloves do not always provide enough warmth. Have you thought about heated gloves for those inclement days?

Heated motorcycle gloves: HeatPerformance® MAXIMUM

Especially for all those rides on cold and wet days, we have developed the heated motorcycle gloves MAXIMUM. These rock-solid gloves provide comfortable warmth in all your fingers and on top of the back of your hand. Thanks to carbon knuckle protection and durable, sturdy goatskin leather, your hands are also well protected.

Heated Motorcycle Gloves - detail

Ergonomic fit


The model comes in an ergonomic fit, despite the firm insulation layers, the gloves offer you plenty of room to move at the fingers. This ensures that you maintain sufficient grip on your steering wheel at all times.


The thumb and index finger have a touchscreen fabric.

Heated motorbike gloves - knuckle protection



The sturdy carbon knuckle protection ensures that your hands are optimally protected in the event of a fall.


A reflective stripe on the back of the hand offers additional safety. Each glove features 2 adjustable Velcro closures, so the gloves fit optimally around each wrist.

Heated motorcycle gloves

Ingenious heating system


The powerful 7.4V – 2600 mAh batteries charge in 4 hours and provide up to 8 hours of warm hands. Ingenious carbon heat conductors run down the back of the hand and across each finger.


Use the highest setting to warm up your gloves and the lowest setting to stay nice and warm. Is it really cold outside? Then switch to the middle position.

Heated scooter gloves, choose from PRO and TITAN

On a scooter you sit still and that is precisely what is fatal to getting your body warm. Pedaling your bike stimulates your blood flow and allows heat to penetrate to the extremities of your body, such as your fingers.

Your scooter may take you comfortably from A to B, but unfortunately it does not keep you comfortably warm. To keep your hands warm though, you’ve probably already tried several types of gloves. But have you thought about heated gloves?

Heated gloves are ideal for warming up cold hands and keeping them warm very quickly. And that comes in especially handy on your scooter. We have developed special scooter gloves that not only keep your hands warm but are also wind and waterproof and also very nice. Because the eye wants something too, of course.

Meet our heated scooter gloves TITAN and PRO. The TITAN model features goatskin leather, making for durable gloves that keep the cold out in the best possible way. These gloves will keep your hands warm for up to 9 hours. In the event of a fall, your hands are optimally protected thanks to the sturdy leather. At the thumb and index finger is a touchscreen fingertip.

The PRO model provides 8 hours of warm hands. This model comes in softshell combined with leather. which reduces heat retention somewhat. But still this glove delivers more than excellent performance in terms of warmth. 

Both models come with an extra-long cuff so the gloves can be worn over the sleeve of your jacket. At the wrist, both models are adjustable so that wind and cold have no chance to get inside.

Both models come with charger, clear instructions for use, a deluxe storage box and with a 12-month warranty.

Heated gloves scooter - solution for cold hands

Ingenious heating system


Flexible carbon heat conductors are fitted on top of each finger and on the back of the hand. With the integrated control knob you can very easily select the desired amount of heat.


You have a choice of 3 heat settings. Choose the highest setting to warm up your hands quickly and then switch to the lowest setting. 


Our gloves will keep your hands warm for 8 to 9 hours.

heated gloves waterproof



No worries about a rain shower, our heated scooter gloves are waterproof. Your hands will stay comfortably dry in any conditions.


In addition, the PRO and TITAN models are also windproof. Both models come with an extra-long cuff and snug fit at the wrist, keeping cold and wind out in the best possible way.


A reflective stripe on the back of the hand offers additional safety. Each glove features 2 adjustable Velcro closures, so the gloves fit optimally around each wrist.

Supplied complete


Our gloves come in a deluxe, sturdy storage box. This allows you to keep your electric gloves safe and dry until the next season.


The drawstring storage bag can be used to hold your gloves when you are on the go.


With the dual charger, the two 7.4V – 2600 mAh ion lithium are charged simultaneously. 


The clear instruction manual will get you up and running with your heated gloves in no time.

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