Thin heated socks HeatPerformance® ULTRA THIN


Meet the thinnest heated socks in our range: the HeatPerformance® ULTRA THIN. And thin they are, these low socks are made as thin as possible so they fit perfectly in your normal shoes, cycling shoes or ice skates.

  • These socks have the same thickness as your regular socks, so they are perfect to wear in all your shoes.
  • Every advantage has its disadvantage. Because the socks are so thin, they obviously retain less heat than our other variants. Choose our THIN socks (tennis socks thickness) or our PRO socks or POWER socks (ski socks thickness) if you prefer more warmth.
  • Warm feet for up to six hours at the touch of a button thanks to the powerful batteries.
heated socks ultra thin
Thin heated socks HeatPerformance® ULTRA THIN
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