The best heated ski gloves? Here they are!

Blue skies, freshly groomed slopes and sunshine on your face. Lovely, such a winter sports day, looking forward to it already! Don’t forget the colder days ahead, too? The days when the clouds linger stubbornly over the mountain. The moments when you sit in your gondola and the cutting wind makes you long for a cosy warm fireplace to warm up by. If you include these days in your planning – and prepare well for them – you will be guaranteed a wonderful winter sports break this year.

And that’s where heated gloves come in. Pack a fine pair in your suitcase and you are guaranteed warm hands. We are regularly asked which ski gloves are the best. The answer is different for everyone; each glove has its own characteristics and features. What are the differences and what are the similarities? We explain it for you here:

Our heated ski gloves

We have developed 3 types of ski gloves, the difference being in the materials used and confection. The difference is not in the heat system, which is equally powerful on all three gloves and works in the same way:

  • The gloves feature 3 heat settings. Use the highest heat setting to warm up your hands once they are cold. In about 5 to 10 minutes, you will have really warm hands and it is time to switch to the middle or lowest heat setting. Too warm hands are not nice either, and this way you can enjoy comfortably warm fingers in just the right temperature you like.
  • The gloves feature 2600 mAh – 7.4 Volt batteries, the thinnest of their kind. Depending on the ambient temperature and the mode you use, the batteries last from 2 to 9 hours. In 4 hours, they are fully charged again with the included dual charger.
  • All gloves feature a Gauntlett Cuff Design. That is, the cuff goes over the wrist and a bit of the forearm. The end of the cuff is lockable on the CLASSIC and PRO models by means of a drawstring and on the TITAN model by means of a zip. This keeps cold and moisture optimally outside and warmth inside.

The differences between the 3 types? The design, confection and material mix. You can read more about that below.

Heated ski gloves

HeatPerformance® CLASSIC gloves

The CLASSIC gloves are the perfect choice for all your ski holidays. The material mix of 30% nylon, 60% polyester and 10% PU leather ensures that these gloves are windproof and waterproof.

The timeless model is suitable for both women and men and is also available as heated mittens.

These gloves have a friendly purchase price and are great for the average winter sports holiday.


Heated ski gloves 1

HeatPerformance® PRO gloves

Skilled winter sportsmen going for intensive ski trips make a good choice with our PRO gloves.

These professional ski gloves are made of leather combined with softshell. The leather and reflective stitching create a cool look.

The soft fleece lining on the inside and the multi piece confection make these gloves feel great and comfortable.

They are windproof, waterproof and have excellent insulation.

Heated gloves leather

HeatPerformance® TITAN gloves

Going for gloves with a robust look that will last for years? Then our TITAN gloves are the best choice for you.

Rendered in 100% supple and durable goatskin leather for a luxurious look and wind- and waterproof shell.

The inside of the gloves feel soft thanks to the tricot fleece lining. The gloves fit your forearm perfectly thanks to the side zip.

Did you know…?

…that at all ski gloves you will find reviews from other customers. This will help you judge even better whether a glove suits you.

…that if you sign up for our newsletter you will receive 5 euros discount?

…that our THIN and INDOOR gloves are also suitable for wearing under your own favourite ski gloves?

Hopefully, you have now got an answer to the question of which are the best heated ski gloves to choose. Do you still have questions despite the above information? Feel free to ask them, we will be happy to help you make the right choice!

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