Warming up cold feet with hands

Why do I always have cold feet?

It’s enough to make you desperate: cold feet! You can’t relax, concentrate, enjoy your walk and certainly can’t sleep well. Do you want to know why your feet get cold so often? Then check out the possible causes below. But more importantly, we also reveal the very best tips on how to say bye-bye to your ice cubes forever and ever.

Warming up cold feet

Here’s why you suffer from cold feet so often

Just to reassure you, you are not alone. According to a Swiss study, as many as 33.1 per cent of women suffer from this regularly. Men, on the other hand, do not often complain about cold feet. Not because their nagging threshold is higher (although men are all too keen to hear this) but because they really rarely suffer from it: only 6.9 per cent of them suffer from this every now and then. You can take advantage of this knowledge right away: use your husband as a hot water bottle in bed:).

Anyway, here are the main causes of cold feet:

Causes of cold feet

  1. You are woman.

And women have a different physique than men. Men generally have more muscles. Muscles burn carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This combustion releases energy, or heat.

  1. You are woman. Yes, this does not work in your favor 🙂

And women generally have thinner skin than men. On the other hand, you could argue that women have more fat. And fat insulates. But this fat is not in your feet and around your toes. So unfortunately, eating a box of chocolates with the excuse of building up an insulation layer is not a good idea.

  1. Your body works efficiently.

For your body, it is important to keep especially your vital organs like your heart, lungs and kidneys in your trunk and your brain in your head warm. As soon as the ambient temperature cools down, your circulatory system wants to prevent your torso and head from cooling down too quickly. Very efficiently, blood flow is reduced in the extremities of your body, such as the tip of your nose, your fingers and toes. So that the blood circulation around your vital organs continues to work properly. And not much later you also start to feel the cold in your lower legs and forearms. Well great, such an efficient body!

  1. Maybe you are sleep deprived?

When your body is tired, it cools down to let you know that you need to find a warm and safe place to sleep. This normally happens in the evening. But it could just be that you often feel cold during the day because you have built up a lack of sleep.

  1. Your diet.

To keep that circulation going, it is important that your blood contains enough iron and b12. Do you eat little meat or are you perhaps a vegetarian or vegan? Then it is not always easy to get these nutrients. To be on the safe side, have your blood tested at the doctor’s and take extra iron and b12.

Tips against cold feet

The only way to get warm feet is to get your circulation going. When the blood no longer flows properly through the tiniest capillaries, you get cold feet. 4 tips to get your circulation going:

Cold Feet Tips

  1. Heated socks

If you want to get rid of those cold feet really quickly and don’t have time to jump in the shower, put on a pair of heated socks. At the press of a button, you can feel your socks getting warm within 30 seconds. Also very nice: you can adjust the socks in 3 positions. Low, medium and high. To avoid cold feet, it is best to leave them on at the lowest setting all day. To warm up your feet, choose the highest setting. Check out our thin heated socks for in your normal shoes.

  1. Build muscle

Exercise not only warms you up but also trains your muscles. The more muscle you have, the harder your combustion engine will work. And that will warm you up. Even at rest!

  1. The right shoes

Do you have wide feet? Then you probably have cold feet more often than average. If your shoes are too tight around your feet, you are more likely to get cold feet.. Your blood vessels will be squeezed a little. So look for a nice shoe brand that makes beautiful shoes especially for wider feet.

  1. Sleep or vitamin deficiency

As you have read under causes, your cold feet could also be due to a lack of sleep or iron or vitamin b12. Get an early night tonight and/or make an appointment at the doctor’s to have your blood checked.

Have you tried all the well-intentioned tips and have you been suffering from cold feet all your life? Then heated socks will be a relief for you. We have not only designed our socks in a thick ski version, but also a special variant for your normal shoes. Check out our variants here:

Thin heated socks HeatPerformance® ULTRA THIN


Meet the thinnest heated socks in our range: the HeatPerformance® ULTRA THIN. And thin they are, these low socks are made as thin as possible so they fit perfectly in your normal shoes, cycling shoes or ice skates.

  • These socks have the same thickness as your regular socks, so they are perfect to wear in all your shoes.
  • Every advantage has its disadvantage. Because the socks are so thin, they obviously retain less heat than our other variants. Choose our THIN socks (tennis socks thickness) or our PRO socks or POWER socks (ski socks thickness) if you prefer more warmth.
  • Warm feet for up to six hours at the touch of a button thanks to the powerful batteries.

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HeatPerformance® THIN heated socks


Get outside with these HeatPerformance® THIN heated socks. Great for those just-not-warm-enough spring and autumn days, for the office, for a walk or just for around the home.

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HeatPerformance® POWER heated ski socks


These powerful HeatPerformance® POWER heated ski socks in cool design are strong and soft, giving you warm feet even in the most extreme of conditions.

  • This sock has been specially developed and integrates a 5.5 V heating system. Extra powerful so that you can warm your toes quickly. Once they are nice and warm, you can turn the heat to medium or low to keep your feet warm for as long as possible.
  • The two 7.4 V – 2600 mAh lithium batteries charge in 4 hours with the dual charger and provide 3.5 to 10 hours of warm feet.
  • The sustainable heating system has been specially developed for people who like to be active outside – in all kinds of weather – such as: wintersports enthusiasts, motorcyclists, hikers, cyclists, scooter riders, mountain bikers and watersports enthusiasts.
  • Fits in your regular shoes, trainers, boots and ski boots.If you have wide feet or a high instep, these socks will not fit in your regular shoes and you should choose the HeatPerformance® THIN heated socks instead.

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HeatPerformance® PRO electrically heated socks with remote control


High-quality electrically heated HeatPerformance® PRO socks with remote control. These strong and soft socks give you warm feet in even the most extreme of conditions.

  • The durable heating system has been specially developed for people who like to be active outside – in all kinds of weather – such as: wintersports enthusiasts, motorcyclists, hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers and watersports enthusiasts.
  • With the easy-to-use remote control, you no longer have to roll up your trouser legs to operate the socks.
  • Delivers up to 75ºC of heat on the highest setting.
  • Fits in your regular shoes, trainers, boots and ski boots.
  • If you have wide feet or a high instep, these socks will not fit in your regular shoes and you should choose the HeatPerformance THIN heated socks instead..

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Do you have any questions about our heated socks? Feel free to ask them. Do you want to know more about it? We have an extensive description for each sock. We wish you a lot of warmth!

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